Office Hour

Office Hour

SYNOPSIS: He sits in the back of the classroom, wearing dark glasses, a baseball cap pulled down low…never speaking. His creative writing assignments are violent, twisted—and artless. He scares the other students. He scares the teachers. The kid is trouble. Or is he just mixed up, using his writing to vent, provoke, maybe even protect himself? Gina is the only teacher willing to get close. But at what risk?

Directed by Neel Keller

Starring Gregory Keller, Sue Jean Kim, Ki Hong Lee, Adeola Role

Show Times: Tuesday @8pm, Wednesday @8pm, Thursday @8pm, Friday @8pm, Saturday @2pm and 8pm, Sunday @2pm and 8pm

Tickets from $75
  • Running Time: 1 hour and 35 minutes, with no intermission
  • Playwright: Julia Cho