Manuel Vs the Statue of Liberty


Manuel Vs the Statue of Liberty

Gallery Players
Brooklyn, NY 11215

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Manuel Vs the Statue of Liberty


MANUEL VS THE STATUE OF LIBERTY - a musical comedy about illegal immigration

by Noemi de la Puente and David Davila


A staged reading with a five-week development process and two public performances: February 5 & 6, 2018; part of the Overtures series at The Gallery Players in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Weeknight rehearsals, some weekends, starting January 2. Most rehearsals will take place at The Gallery Players Theatre.


Non-Paying for non-AEA


Travel reimbursement for Equity Actors.



Manuel is as American as College Loan and Taco Salad, but if he wants to go to college himself, he'll have to risk coming out as an undocumented immigrant. That could be extra tricky now that new immigration reform laws require all so-called-illegal immigrants to fight the Statue of Liberty in a real life high stakes boxing match for their green cards. Is Manuel brave enough or even crazy enough to take on the two-hundred and twenty-five ton mammoth of steel? 


Auditions Wednesday December 13, 2017 between 12 - 3 PM, midtown near Eighth Ave.

Appointments only. 




MANUEL - Young, optimistic, genius, street-smart. Loves to geek out on Ancient Greece & Rome. Latino, eighteen years old. High-tenor and excellent rapper.


THE STATUE OF LIBERTY - Speaks before she thinks. The consolidation of anti-immigrant sentiment in America and also the actual Statue of Liberty. Remarkable comic timing with a rock-n-roll voice and rapping ability. Any age, any race, any gender identity. (In different stages of development this role has been played by men, women, and trans people.) 


MAMI - Manuel’s strong, stubborn, smart-ass mother. Latina with a powerful mezzo-belt and an amazing sense of comic timing and rapping ability. Thirties/Forties.


YOLANDA - Teenage Activist whose parents were deported. Latina, belter, excellent rapper. 


MR. WALSH - Manuel’s mentor and confidant, militant defender of academic excellence. Wise beyond his years but absolutely no common sense. African-American, Baritone, any age. 


FEATURED ENSEMBLE OF IMMIGRANTS, ICE AGENTS, & ASSORTED CRAZY CHARACTERS - Ten ensemble members needed to play dozens of supporting comic roles. Diversity is essential to the project, so all ethnic types of singer/actors who have comedy experience are encouraged to submit. 


Please send headshot and resumes to E-mail:

Please label any attached files with your name. Please put the role you are interested in the subject line of the email. 

Preparation: 16 bars that show off your funny side (accents encouraged), and sides that will be emailed upon the appointment confirmation.



January 2, 2018 - February 6, 2018





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