Mangled Beams – NYC Auds By Appointment


Mangled Beams – NYC Auds By Appointment

New York, NY

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Mangled Beams – NYC Auds By Appointment


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Dawn Jamieson, playwright
Diane Fraher, Director of Amerinda Inc.
Brittany Coyne, producer

Rehearsals begin second week of January,
Performance run Feb 8-25, 2018.

Brief synopsis: Rather than one man’s quest
for meaning, Mangled Beams is a play about
“A people” It’s the first play about the
Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) high beam walkers’
involvement in the cleanup at Ground Zero
after 9/11. As four men wait for work at the
union hall miles from their home and families,
they themselves are like mangled beams.
Then the unimaginable happens. Unable to
turn their backs on the tragedy, they go to
work on the search and rescue effort –
untangling beams while they
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producer will run all aspects of this audition.
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Equity actors for roles that include Native
Americans. Immediate availability for January
rehearsals and February performances.


BECKY SHARPE: Native American, Mid to late 20’s. Not confident at first. She’s a caretaker although
she resents taking care of her mother because it keeps her on the reservation and away from Greg.
She’s girlish, cute and sweet, not a whiner. She loves and is in awe of Greg and his sense of purpose.
However, deep down, she longs for independence. She develops goals of her own as her inner
strength blossoms. She is Brad’s niece, Greg’s girlfriend & has a history and chemistry with Dave. She
enjoys Jess.

GREG LINDEN: Native American, Mid to late 20’s. He’s an ambitious, charismatic, tactful, would-be
politician. He’s profoundly embarrassed by and hides his connection to his father’s smuggling
business although deep down he loves his father. Receiving recognition and respect and the resulting
power they engender are most important to him. He sincerely believes that his agenda is really about
promoting his fellow Native Americans. He is not trusting of others. He’s Becky’s boyfriend.

DAVE MARTIN: Native American, Mid to late 20’s. He’s a sexy “bad boy” with a sensitive, artistic soul
who has a real love for Becky. Unfortunately, he has gotten into legal trouble by becoming involved
with cigarette smugglers – most notably Greg’s father – Joe Linden. He longs for stability and wants to
prove himself to his brother, Brad, and his ex-girlfriend, Becky. Above all, he wants to create art and
express himself through it.

BRAD MARTIN: Native American, Late 30 to early 40’s. He’s a lifelong ironworker, born leader and
mentor to younger workers but he is suffering from an addiction to alcohol. He’s desperate for a job
which will mean economic stability and increase his self-esteem - bringing love and respect back into
his life. He’s estranged from his family, lonely and depressed but engaged in life (not withdrawn). In
the past he might have been a football hero. Ultimately, his leadership skills begin to show and his
commitment to his native way of life guide him. He’s Becky’s uncle, Dave’s older brother and Fern’s
estranged husband.

JESS MONROE: Native American, Late 30 to early 40’s. He’s a man of many careers – ironwork,
smuggling, and whatever seems practical and easy at the time. He’s smart, playful, lazy, humorous
and enjoys himself even though he’s philosophically cynical and pessimistic. He’s the traditionally
native “trickster/coyote” - wise and foolish, dangerous and benevolent, who tweaks people to see what
they’ll do.

SAL PERILLO: Italian American, Late 30’s to early 40’s. He’s an overweight, perennially unlucky,
union foreman. He has a chip on his shoulder and is very frustrated about Native American workers
“stealing” work from his fellow Italian American ironworkers. Although he is blunt and crude, he’s not
intentionally malicious. He’s not above taking a bribe. His tough façade hides an emotional, insecure

FERN MARTIN: Native American, 40’s. Brad’s estranged wife, Becky’s aunt. Lives mostly on the
reservation with her children who are 10 and 12 but lives in NYC (at a friend’s) a couple of days per
week when she works at WBAI radio station. She’s dignified and responsible - to her community civic
duties and her family whom she loves above all else. She’s frustrated by Brad’s alcoholism but loves

JOE LINDEN: Native American, 50’s, Greg’s father, head of a successful smuggling operation
between Canada and the U.S. over the St. Laurence River. The reservation spans both sides of the
river. Smuggling is well-known & somewhat acceptable as a way for natives to make a living and
remain on the reservation. Joe is crafty but not greedy or vicious. He’s amoral but not a thug. He
wants Greg to succeed but really has no interests in common with his son. He prefers Dave with
whom he can fish and hunt.

Please contact producer, Brittany Coyne, at to schedule an appointment


Open Call

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288 E 10th St
New York, 10009

Thursday, January 4, 2018

12:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Please prepare a contemporary monologue (comedic or dramatic).