Director, Drama Division


Director, Drama Division

The Juilliard School
New York, NY 10023

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Director, Drama Division


The Director of the Drama Division is responsible for overseeing all aspects of educating actors and playwrights at Juilliard, including developing and recruiting faculty, programming robust and balanced seasons of classical and new works, determining and enhancing the curriculum in close collaboration with the faculty, and bridging the transition for students between an educational setting and the professional world. The Director is responsible for developing all of the artistic activities of the Drama Division and sets the vision and values for the Division, identifying needs and realizing initiatives that meet the emerging demands and opportunities of the art and the profession.

The Director should sustain and enhance Juilliard’s legacy of rigorous and humanistic teaching while continually assessing, expanding, and refining teaching practices in order to better educate the 21st century artist. The Director should articulate and promote the values of curiosity, responsibility, empathy, rigor, generosity, collaboration, and social engagement in the work of the Division, within the Juilliard community, and in our global environment.  The Director must be interested in developing and supporting interdisciplinary opportunities, ensuring that students within the Drama Division have the chance to collaborate with artists across disciplines as an integral and unique part of their Juilliard experience. 

The Director is responsible for building a strong sense of community within the Division, between the Division and the entire school, and in the professional world beyond the walls of Juilliard. The Director must be a strong advocate for the needs of the Division and its constituents, both within the institution as well as in the profession. The Director should be committed to creating and overseeing a community which embraces diversity and inclusiveness.


  • Possess an exceptional knowledge of the classical canon as well as a deep commitment to and passion for the creation of new work. 
  • Exhibit a deep commitment to excellence in training in the craft of acting.
  • Demonstrate strong interest in developing and supporting interdisciplinary artistic and educational opportunities across the divisions of Music, Dance, and Drama.
  • Select diverse repertoire for robust season programming, mindfully balancing artistic aspirations with budgetary limitations, and guide artistic teams, including guest directors and creative team members, to successfully produce high-level programs within the resources allocated.  
  • Oversee curriculum development, ensuring that the curricular programs and activities evolve to meet the shifting demands of the profession within the context of the legacy of prioritizing craft. 
  • Recruit and cultivate dynamic, high-level faculty, staff and students who reflect a diversity of voices and experiences.
  • In tandem with faculty and staff, determine and uphold the standards and methods by which student actors and playwrights are selected for admission to the Division.
  • Assess student growth and needs on a consistent basis by visiting classes, attending projects and productions, and engaging in ongoing faculty meetings and discussions about the students’ progress.
  • Exhibit a passion for promoting the development and growth of all members of the Drama Division —including students, faculty, and staff—as artists and as citizens of a larger community.
  • Determine and implement the policies for evaluating the work of students, faculty, and staff, and take appropriate corrective action as necessary. 



  • Extensive leadership experience in the professional theater setting OR extensive leadership experience in the theatrical educational setting.
  • Exhibited passion for and dedication towards mentoring and cultivating theater artists. 
  • Clarity of vision and generosity of spirit.
  • An effective leader with a proven track record of advocacy who will champion the Division within Juilliard and beyond.
  • A citizen-artist who will cultivate a thoughtful, open-minded and engaged community of artists.  
  • A thorough knowledge of and appreciation for classical and contemporary dramatic works.
  • A strong commitment to interdisciplinary artistic collaboration who appreciates and prioritizes artistry across forms.
  • A strong commitment to diversity and inclusiveness.
  • Regarded as a distinguished and innovative member of the theatrical community.
  • Demonstrated experience and enthusiasm working with emerging theater artists.
  • Demonstrated producing experience in a leadership capacity preferred.