December 9, 2016

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Features: Dance Features

Celebrating a Tradition of Wonder: Reflections on The Nutcracker
30 Dec 2015
Tradition for the Holiday Season

Children of The Nutcracker
27 Dec 2015
They may be small, but their roles are big

A Beauty & A Birthday
26 Dec 2015 -- Houston Ballet celebrates Ben Stevenson’s 80th with The Sleeping Beauty

In Search of Something: Sylvie Guillem’s Last Dance
18 Nov 2015 -- Guillem’s independent spirit has inspired numerous dancers.

The Ailey Legacy
17 Nov 2015 -- Celebrating the past remains important to Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater even as it marches into the future.

Twyla Tharp’s 50th-Anniversary Tour
16 Nov 2015 -- Given the chance to stick out her neck, choreographer Twyla Tharp will never say “no.” Although she confesses to tossing sleeplessly at night as she worries about her 50th-Anniversary Tour, with dawn the nightmares fade and she returns to her task. This artist, courageous more often than not, wouldn’t have things any other way.

Ades Made Visible
14 Nov 2015 -- And so it is with a compelling spirit of reinvention that the choreographers mined their own vocabularies to reflect and contrast with the form and content of Adès’s musical ideas, discovering synergies and transposing across disciplines. In the final production, Adès’s distinct musical signature stands as the unifying thread, with each dance offering a dynamic physical solution to an intriguing sonic proposition.

Words and Movement
11 Nov 2015 -- Dyslexic dancer/choreographer Aakash Odedra collaborated with choreographer Lewis Major to create Murmur, about how Odedra’s learning difference enables him to find new ways to communicate. We asked him to share his experience with dyslexia, how it informs his art, and why it has opened up new pathways to connect with others.

Kim Brandstrup
09 Nov 2015 -- The Danish choreographer on his world premiere for New York City Ballet

Christopher Bruce’s Ghost Dances
31 Oct 2015 -- Freely using the dance techniques he acquired in the 60s, Bruce developed his authentic voice but ‘always keeping one foot in the real world. My father knew what poverty was and he instilled in me strong feelings about politics and injustice.’

No Limits
27 Oct 2015 -- Choreographer and dancer Garrett Smith’s new contemporary commission, Reveal

Classical Ashton
23 Oct 2015 --

“I think that ballets without librettos, popularly known as abstract ballets, though appearing to convey nothing but the exercise of pure dancing, should have… a personal fount of emotion from which the choreography springs.”

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